Junior High Week

Junior High Week Campers! 2020 has been a wild year, full of surprises and disappointments. This year, one of the disappoinments we faced was cancelling our Junior High Week for the overall health and safety of y'all and y'all's families. And now we have been living in the reality this summer that YOU'RE. NOT. HERE! We missed having you on camp to play Counselor Hunt, sing songs, listen to devotions at the Point, make a meal over the fire, and perform at the Talent Show.

But most importantly, we missed giving you the opportunity to grow in your faith in Jesus Christ and in community with your Christian brothers and sisters. So we put together this video for you to remind you that we miss you, we love you, and we cannot wait for y'all to be back here at camp in 2021. Keep seeking the resurrection promise in Christ, even in life's disappointments. 

There are no events posted at this time, please check back later.