Giving Tuesday

Thrivent Matches $1 For Every $2 On December 1

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to make our community stronger one act of giving at a time. Camp Okoboji is honored to be one of Thrivent’s 2020 Giving Tuesday partners! Together, we’re raising funds to further the Kingdom of Christ through Camp Okoboji’s ministry! Camp Okoboji has been an integral part of many families, campers, and guests’ lives since 1940. For decades, those staying at Camp Okoboji have been REFRESHED IN BODY - reuniting with friends, engaging in recreation, and having access to West Okoboji Lake - AND SPIRIT - summer Sunday services, evening Campfire devotions, youth discipleship camps, and family discipleship camps. We are focused on improving our facilities - dorm cabin conversions, Family Ministry Cabin updates, long range planning - and our discipleship experiences - enhancing Family Ministry, providing a second Cub Week, developing new programs like Music Therapy Camp for Veterans. This Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for you to ensure that Camp Okoboji continues to be a heritage for thousands of households and campers! Here are three great ways for you to support Camp Okoboji in the next couple of weeks:

1. DONATE - Make A Big Impact!

On TUESDAY, DECEMBER 1st, visit Thrivent’s ‘Giving Tuesday’ page designated for Camp Okoboji ( and make a special contribution to support our mission, “Providing Sanctuary which connects guests to God and His Creation.” On December 1, 2020 ONLY, Thrivent will amplify your impact by matching $1 for every $2 raised – up to $20,000 per regional Thrivent Member Network. Plus, all online processing fees will be covered by Thrivent, meaning 100% of your gift will go right to Camp Okoboji. All donations must be made online. If you have any questions or need guidance to donate online, give Camp Okoboji a call (712-337-3325) on December 1!

2. CELEBRATE - Share Your Camp Okoboji Story!

Share photos, messages of gratitude and inspiration on Thrivent’s ‘Celebrate The Love’ page designated for Camp Okoboji (! For every photo or message posted on this page between November 24 and December 1, Thrivent will donate an additional $1 up to $1,000 to Camp Okoboji!

3. PARTICIPATE - Day Of Legacy!

Keep an eye out on all of Camp Okoboji’s Facebook & Instagram accounts for Camp Okoboji’s ‘Day Of Legacy.’ LEGACY is one of six of Camp Okoboji’s core values as thousands of families, campers, volunteers, and guests have developed a legacy and heritage at Camp Okoboji. We’ll share testimonies of how this ministry has impacted lives, livestream some of camp’s buildings and grounds, and share the love of Camp Okoboji! How can you participate? Share these videos, messages, and love for Camp Okoboji with all of your friends!

Important Details

Donations made online through Thrivent’s giving platform on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2020, will be matched up to $20,000 per Thrivent Member Network. Thrivent, in partnership with InFaith Community Foundation, offers you the opportunity to make online personal donations to the organizations you care about.

Questions & Responses

Here are some common questions about Giving Tuesday! If you have anymore questions, give a call to the Camp Office at 712-337-3325. We're here to help!

1. Do I need to donate on December 1st for my donation to be matched by Thrivent? 
    Yes! In order for your donation to be matched by Thrivent, it must be made through Thrivent's online giving platform. A link to Thrivent's Giving Tuesday page designated for Camp Okoboji will be available on December 1st (Giving Tuesday).

2. Do I need to donate online? 
   Yes! In order for your donation to be matched by Thrivent, it must be made through Thrivent's online platform (via card). 100% of your donation will be given to Camp Okoboji. In order for Thrivent to track their 'matching dollars,' online donations need to be made. 

3. What if I don't know how to donate online?  

   If you are not experienced in online giving, don't let machines get in the way of the mission! Camp Okoboji Staff will be available on December 1st to guide you through making a donation. We will either guide you through step-by-step on your computer or we will take your card information and make the donation for you. Give a call to Camp Okoboji's Office on December 1st (712-337-3325) and we'll guide you through the process!

4. Is Giving Tuesday the same as designating my Thrivent Choice Dollars?  
   Nope! Giving Tuesday is a special, designated day in which Thrivent will match $1 for every $2 donated up to $20,000. For more information regarding your Thrivent Choice Dollars, visit or call your local Thrivent financial professional.

5. I can't find Thrivent's web page to donate for Giving Tuesday. Why?  
    The web page for you to donate for Giving Tuesday will be made available only on December 1st. In order for your donation to be matched, it must be given on December 1st through Thrivent's online giving platform. On December 1st, a link will be posted on this web page for you to donate! Keep an eye out on this web page on December 1st!

For Camp Okoboji's 'Celebrate The Love' page to upload pictures and tesitmonies, visit

6. Do I need to be a Thrivent Member to give?
     No! Anyone can donate on Giving Tuesday, whether you are a Thrivent member or not!