Family Retreats

Family Retreats

Greetings in Christ, Family Retreaters! 

We want you to know that we miss you, we love you, and we cannot wait for the 2021 Family Retreats! One of the most important elements of the Family Retreat Experience involves the Christian Growth Opportunities families receive during their stay. We're honored that Camp Okoboji is your one of your chosen contexts for discipleship. So we wanted to ensure that we provided our families with a resource to nurture the faith of their household and its members. The following FREE resources are from Lutheran Hour Ministries and are intentionally crafted for families to grow together in faith as household. These resources are based on a Scriptural Study on households along with recent data collected by Barna Institute. The aim of this initiative was to answer the question "What does faith look like on a day-to-day basis in practicing Christian’s most familiar relationships, personal environments, or unobserved hours?" And what Barna & LHM walked away with were the implications that spiritually vibrant families were more likely found to practice spiritual disciplines together, be open to spiritual conversations, and practice hospitality more regularly. 

So how can I use this resource? The Households of Faith resources are meant to be used for you to assess the state of your household's spiritual vibrancy and to plan for the next steps in becoming a more spiritual vibrant household. This experience is intended for you to consider what it means to follow Christ as a household and how can your household follow Christ more. This is a great resource for self-guidance and also for small group discussions.

We pray this resource will be helpful to you as you consider your households' spiritual vibrancy and steps you can take to become more spiritually vibrant. Click here to be taken to Lutheran Hour Ministries' Household Of Faith Resource Page.

  • Video-Based Bible Studies - In this video-based Bible Study, you will learn about the trends of households in America, learn about the biblical view of a household, reflect on your household, determine the spiritual vibrancy of your household, and make a plan to take practical steps toward building a more vibrant household through planned and unplanned moments. This Bible Study series is suited to be a self-guided experience or a small group study. I have done both self-guided and small group and certainly recognize value in both.

  • The Spiritually Vibrant Home - The Power of Messy Prayers, Loud Tables, and Open Doors by Don Everts. Lutheran Hour Ministries Content Development Manager Don Everts uses the research of ‘Households of Faith’ to answer the following questions: What do spiritually vibrant households look like? And can households armed with that knowledge strive to become more spiritually vibrant? It is a very straightforward read and helpful.

  • 30 Days of Household Devotions Booklet - This devotional booklet is especially good for families who want to begin having regular devotions in your home. It includes tips or ideas for establishing family routines and covers a wide variety of topics that are relatable and applicable to household members of all ages
  • Booklets for Parents - Parents, these booklets provide practical guides to teaching your children and teens in the faith. 

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