Dormitory Cabins

Year-Round Dormitory


Capacity: 18
Air Conditioned: Yes
Bedrooms: 3
Bathroom(s): 3
Kitchen: Full
TV: Yes (Cable)
Leviticus is a dormitory cabin. It contains a fully equipped kitchen and is available year round.

There are 3 rooms:
  • Leviticus Right has 3 sets of Bunk Beds which sleeps 6 guests, a TV, a Full Bath and a Kitchenette with a Dining Table and Chairs
  • Leviticus Center has 2 sets of Bunk Beds which sleeps 4 guests, a TV, and has a Full Bath;
  • Leviticus Left has 4 sets of Bunk Beds which sleeps 8 guests, a TV, and has a Full Bath.  
Available Dates

Off-season (Labor Day - Memorial Day): Call The Camp Office For Availability.

All openings for the Family Ministry Cabins and the Retreat Centers in June July and August are filled off the reservation request form in the order in which they are received. If you would like to make a reservation please fill out the reservation request form listed below and either print it off and mail to Camp Okoboji, Attention: Kellie, 1531 Edgewood Dr. Milford, IA 51351 or fill it out and email to

In the off-season (Labor Day until Memorial Weekend) call for availability. All cabins filled on a first come first serve basis.


To make reservations please call 712-337-3325 or submit the following reservation request form.

Reservation Request Form