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Camp Okoboji Events In Response to COVID-19


VISION:   Refreshing Body & Spirit

MISSION: We provide Sanctuary which connects guests with God and His Creation

VALUES:   Gospel, Safety, Excellence, Wellness, Stewardship, Legacy

Throughout the last 80 years, Camp Okoboji has been a ministry committed to serving its guests - pastors, church workers, campers, and families. The unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 has disrupted Camp Okoboji’s conventional approach to carrying out our Vision, Mission, and Values as it is primarily based on gathering in a physical location. Since Mid-March, Camp Okoboji has cancelled all events, programs, and reservations of Family Ministry Cabins through May 10, 2020. As time has gone on, we have been investing ourselves in keeping up with recommendations from CDC, Iowa’s state government, our local health departments, and various Christian Camping organizations. 

In the conversations between the Executive Committee - our Executive Director, Camper Director, & Ministry Coordinator - and the Camp Okoboji Board, we’ve come to the shared conclusion to cancel all 2020 Summer Programs, family reunions, large group events, and activities. This decision was not easy, but was entirely directed by our overall intent to care for the needs of our guests - in faith, in body, and spirit. The following 2020 Summer Programs are included in these cancellations: Kids’ Kamp #1 & #2, Cub Week #1 & 2, J.O.Y. Camp #1 & 2, Girls’ Sports Camp, Lake Adventure Camp, Minneboji Lutheran Camp, July 4th Family Retreat, Junior High Week, Youth Week, Family Retreat #1, Family Retreat #2, Camp Okoboji’s Traveling Vacation Bible School / Day Camp, & Camp Okoboji’s On-Site Day Camp

Our 2020 Summer Season will look very different than it has in the past. Our immediate attention will be developing a stronger Family Ministry for the families that reserve our Family Ministry Cabins. For those reserving a stay at Camp Okoboji this summer (while remaining within Camp Okoboj’s social distancing guidelines), we will be providing opportunities for our guests to be refreshed, enriched in the faith, and built up in Christian community. For more information on reserving a Family Ministry Cabin and participating in this opportunity at Camp Okoboji this summer, call the Camp Office (712-337-3325).

Click here to view Camp Okoboji’s Official COVID-19 Update & Announcement. 

With all this said, we look forward to Camp Okoboji’s 2021 Summer Season when, Lord willing,  J.O.Y. Campers, Cubs, Junior High Youth, High School Youth, & Family Retreaters, will gather again to grow in their faith in Christ, be built up in Christian community, and be equipped to be lights for Christ in the world. 


What will happen with my deposit and any payments I've made?

  • We will ensure the safeguard of your deposits made. Here are the following options you have regarding your deposits or payments made for a program.
  • Request and receive a refund of your deposit and payments made
  • Request the deposit and payments made be carried over to the 2021 Summer Season or a later stay at Camp Okoboji
  • Offer deposit and payments registration money as a donation to the ministry of Camp Okoboji

What opportunities will Camp Okoboji offer this summer?

  • Camp Okoboji will continue to seek alternative, unconventional ways (online opportunities) to keep the campers, volunteers, and families of Camp Okoboji’s programs connected in Christian community. Although we don’t know what this looks like yet, we will strive to provide excellent faith-enriching experiences to our program participants. 

What do I need to know about my Family Ministry Cabin reservation that I’ve made from the weeks of May 22 - August 15?

  • Your reservation continues to be secured. 

  • An additional Camp Okoboji Family Ministry Cabin contract will be sent to you that will include guest requirements for social distancing during your stay. This contract must be submitted before your stay.

Can I still reserve a Family Ministry Cabin for a week? How?

  • Yes! We welcome families to join us at Camp Okoboji for a week of family refreshment, faith enrichment, and community building. 

  • To reserve a Family Ministry Cabin, call Camp Okoboji’s Office (712-337-3325). 

  • An additional Camp Okoboji Family Ministry Cabin contract will be sent to you that will include guest requirements for social distancing. This contract must be submitted before your stay.

What does Camp Okoboji's Health Screening include?

What is being done to clean Family Ministry Cabins?

What if I want to cancel our Family Ministry Cabin reservation?

  • We understand the uncertainty of the next few months due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We will honor your concerns by ensuring the safeguard of your deposits made. Upon a cancellation, the following options will be available for you:
    • Request and receive a refund of your deposit
    • Carry it over to the 2021 Summer Season or a later reservation
    • Offer your deposit and/or any payments made as a donation to the ministry at Camp Okoboji

Will Camp Okoboji’s Sunday services resume?

Unfortunately, no. Because we cannot ensure social distancing practices for our weekly Sunday services, we have elected to cancel our Sunday services from Memorial Day through Labor Day. We encourage you to continue your involvement in your local congregation. 

Will Camp Okoboji be hosting monthly Omelet Brunches?

Unfortunately, no. We have elected to shut down our Dining Hall service for all programs and events for the summer so there will be no yummy omelets this summer. 

Can we plan a service project at Camp Okoboji?

We welcome groups of 10 or fewer individuals to coordinate with our Camp Director regarding day service projects. Camp Okoboji will have special screening & social distancing procedures for all guests coming on to camp’s grounds. So under these mitigations, we still welcome groups to place their time, treasures, and talents toward serving at Camp Okoboji.

How can I remain updated with Camp Okoboji’s ongoings?

Continue checking our website, Facebook page, & Instagram page.

Information will be regularly communicated through the Iowa District - West’s The Messenger sent out monthly.

Kirk Warnke, Camp Okoboji’s Executive Director, sends regular updates to the pastors & church workers of Iowa District - West. Request an update from your pastor or church worker. 

Can we still visit Camp Okoboji during the day?

We welcome groups of 10 or fewer individuals to visit Camp Okoboji during the day between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. Camp Okoboji will have special screening & social distancing procedures for all guests coming on to camp’s grounds so be sure to contact the Camp Office (712-337-3325) to arrange a visit. 


Thank you to everyone who helps in any way to make the Camp Okoboji Auxiliary Quilt Auction a success! It takes the time and energy of many people to make the auction happen! The Auxiliary is humbled by all those who care so much for Camp Okoboji! Please pray that the Lord will once again bless our efforts. Blessings to all!

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