Events - Youth Camps

Jul 15

Concordia Cub Week - Grades 3-5 (July 15-21)
Concordia Cub Week is for children who have finished grades 3, 4, and 5.

Cost: $355.00 before the Early Registration Cut Off (June 15)

Cubby Campers are the best! Concordia Cub Week has become a core youth program at Camp Okoboji.

Check-in for Cub Campers begins at 3:30 P.M. on Sunday, July 15th, and campers may be picked up Saturday, July 21st at 9:30 A.M.

Campers will experience campfires, sports, crafts, and Bible Study. Activities will include canoeing, archery, Gaga Ball, 4-way soccer, 9-square, swimming, the Cub Olympics, Cub Carnival, and more!

Don't forget to bring your talents with you to share with everyone!

Click on the Cub Week Booklet below for more information and what to bring!

E-Mailing Notice
Camp Okoboji is now charging for e-mails. There has been a large increase in the number of e-mails because of inappropriate use (i.e. campers trying to receive the most e-mails during the week and asking people to send several e-mails with only one or two words, sending pictures when asked not to, and e-mails with inappropriate content). Consequently, camp expenses have increased (i.e. staff to censor content, paper, and ink).

You will have three weekly packages to choose from:
 - 5 E-Mails: $5.00 (one e-mail per full day).
 - 10 E-Mails: $10.00 (two e-mails ber full day).
 - 15 E-Mails: $15.00 (maximum of 15 e-mails , without pictures).

E-Mails will reach your son or daughter according to the number paid for in advance. Together, we are working to be better stewards of the camp's resources.

Thank you,

Camp Managment

  7:00  Wake Up Bell
  7:30  Breakfast
  8:15  Devotions
  9:15  Craft or Bible Study
10:15  Recess
10:30  Craft or Bible Study
11:30  Recess
12:00  Dinner
  1:00  Rest Time
Swim Times:
  1:30-2:30 (1st)
  2:45-3:45 (2nd)
  4:00-5:00 (3rd)
  5:30  Supper
  7:00  Recreation
  8:30  Snack Time
  9:00  Devotions
10:00  Cabin Time
10:15  Lights Out