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Camp Is For Every Kid (ages 1 to 100)

A Christ-centered experience is more important than ever.

It is often reported that a Christian camping experience can be one of the most life and faith impacting events that one can have. Camps have played a fey role in a majority of people staying connected to the Church and even pursuing ministry careers.

How It Works:
1. The camp is an intentional Christian community. The camp counselors and staff model that community through activities, devotions, Bible Study, music and relationship. 2. It takes people out of their 'norm' and places them in a setting that interrupts their daily routines. This allows for experiential learning, relationship building and faith growth that creates positive life changes. 3. God's creation provides an amazing setting for campers. A recent report cited that children average only 4-7 minutes outdoors each day. At camp, each day the outdoors bring new wonders to enjoy.

Camp Okoboji is a great example of how its programs, setting and Christ-centered focus can impact one's life. It offers programs and an environment that can benefit all ages, families, and abilities. Groups and organizations also benefit greatly from time at Camp Okoboji.

Camp is for all outdoor people.
We have several water craft options:
  • 12 canoes, if you are a beginner you may choose to stay in the bay or if you are more experienced you may way to tour around the shores of West Lake Okoboji.
  • 4 paddle boats you can take paddle your family around the bay to soak up the sun and enjoy the view.
  • 3 Kayaks for the guest who want to get in a good workout, paddle around West Lake Okoboji.
  • 2 Row boats, We have a gorgeous view that God has blessed Camp Okoboji with, so row threw the scenery and enjoy your time with Jesus at the Lake.
The teenager or the young at heart can get a good game of Basketball or volleyball going on our courts. Basketball court is cement base and the 2 volleyball courts are sand.

If your family wants to have a grill out with yard games we have many to offer. 

Is adventure your thing? Try Geo Caching if you havent done it before you will enjoy the adventure.

Outdoor exercising is an option: While at Camp Okoboji you can walk our mile long meditation trail or our 9 hole frisbee golf course.

For the more sereane guest you can bring your pool and catch some fish for a nice fish fry.

Don't forget the best of all, we have a sand beach that is grand for making sand castles, jumping off the docks and swimming out to the raft or soaking up the sun to go home with a nice tan.